By leveraging our flexible, business process based technology we are able to efficiently align new supply chain requirements in emerging markets. KEGR has its head office situated in Lagos which is the country’s largest city. With an outlet in three major cities, KEGR has a regional and national presence.

Regional Offices:

Combating Risks

With over 50% of new products failing within two years of being introduced into the market, KEGR has taken the initiative to ensure that the product that is being introduced is an In-Demand product with a large customer base. The consumer goods market being a fast-paced environment poses a constant challenge to manufacturers. With our up-to date market research on product demand, we improve manufacturer’s real-time visibility and accuracy in their supply. Our specialist consumer products group brings together committed experts all focused on providing our clients with specially tailored services. By focusing on the consumer products sector, we are completely immersed and highly competent in providing the best supply chain services to our clients.

National Coverage

We provide full supply chain and distribution services around the world.

Our clients include consumer goods manufacturers and local food producers. KEGR’s national resources enable us to serve you everywhere you do business in Nigeria.

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